Where Are We Headed?

30 04 2010

It is impossible to guess a completely accurate account of the far off future because there will be circumstances that have not occurred yet that will help shape it, however not as distant future is more possible to see because of current common trends.  With the influx of new technology, the world has become a global village.  News travels within a few seconds it is discovered.  This sets us about from other generations in the past.  The internet has already shaped modern day by its availability to have knowledge with a click.  Also, it connects the world in a way that has never been possible.  Whenever I’m on the internet, I’m able to communicate to people almost anywhere.  Since I would consider myself a normal American citizen, the accessibility to internet and a computer is almost encompassing everyone.  The internet can be used as a tool for an immense amount of data and research.  The quickness of discovering what you are looking for (the majority of the time) creates the mindset that everything needs to be as quickly efficient.  Things need to be done in a timely manner… more than a timely manner.  They need to be done early.  Quick quick QUICK!  This is both going to be a positive and negative personality traits.  The positive influences are that it will cause a higher expectation of efficiency with businesses and governmental departments.  I believe that it will help make local and state governments more competent and resourceful.  Higher expectations can and will help various governmental agencies and those who need their services.  Also, I believe the average person in the future will be asked to perform tasks in a shorter amount of time which will make it harder in the work field.  This will cause successes, however, I believe it will take a toll on the workers.  Because there will be so much expected of them, their stress level will be higher than generations before in the work field.  Another negative effect of this current mindset which will only increase is that quality of items might continue to decrease.  I think it will continue to decrease in the food industry because the customers want the quickness of having the meal instead of the quality.  Most Americans do not want to wait for a meal when it takes awhile even though it can be a nice time for conversation.  That is one of the things I really enjoy about Europe.  Dinner is an event.  It’s all about the conversations.  I feel that for many Americans going out to restaurants is taken advantage of by both the customer not wanted to wait (I want it NOW!), and the staff wants to make more money so their goal is to work as many customers as possible.  Living in a society where things need to be done quickly and a race for money is so important, it’s only second nature for this to be true. When you can make something cheap and quickly, it’s often the first choice of employers.  In Europe, I wonder if they will head towards a more Americanized view of eating in restaurants, however I feel that having a long dinner is such a part of their culture that they have a chance to not fall into this certain aspect of quickness.  Life does move more slowly in Europe, however, I feel that it will begin to speed up.  Not to the American standard, but much more than how it is currently.  Global communication and a unity (because of the communication) will arise even more in the future.  Future history won’t look at those time periods as completely separate as histories from country to country as we do now looking at, for example the 1600s.  Our histories will be more combined because we aren’t as isolated from each other as we used to be.  The world is becoming everyone’s.  This is true today, but in the future it will become increasing more true.  Music has begun to take influences from around world and combined styles.  It is getting difficult to differentiate where some music comes from in this modern age.  The internet is becoming more and more prevalent, and in turn it is causing easy exposure to music from anywhere.  The world’s music is influencing each other, and by doing that, it is allowing building creativity.  There is so much access to types of instruments (easily able to produce their sounds from technology programs like GarageBand).  It’s even relatively easy to become a citizen in another country.  The cultures are in a melting pot, and it’s influencing many aspects of daily life.  We are beginning to see a history with the world that is combining us all.  I think it can be a positive thing; however, the main qualm I have with a merging history is national identity.  I think it’s a bit of a tragedy that a lot of countries are slowly losing their customs and traditions.  We’re all becoming similar, and the things that separated us culturally are beginning to shrink exponentially.  Being different doesn’t have to be a bad thing, and when it comes down to it, we are all different regardless because none of us have come from the same backgrounds.  On the other hand, it can also be a good thing because now we are able to have more of a chance to relate to others from various parts of the world. There is a certain aspect of this unity that I could never imagine happening, combining of languages.  I believe that although some national identity has lessened, it won’t lessen to the point of switching to English.  The only thing that this unity will help is the learning of new languages.  I hold a belief that more Americans will try to learn new languages in the future.  I think the availability to access other countries and communication with them will cause many more Americans to explore other languages.  We are not the closed off world we used to be.

Turned in at 10:00PM on April 29.



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